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NRP Humic and NRP Fulvic for Human Consumption

Over the last five years O Legado has conducted significant scientific research to bring Fortify™ NRP Humic and Electrify™ NRP Fulvic to market. NRP is a nutrient rich peat which is free of pollutants, heavy metals and harmful organics allowing the non-chemical extraction of highly absorbable Humic and Fulvic.

Fortify™ NRP Humic is a large, long-chain molecule and Electrify™ NRP Fulvic is a very small molecule both of which can be isolated in a pure form from the soil's NRP Humate layer.

O Legado’s Fortify™ NRP Humic and Electrify™ NRP Fulvic are the highest grade NRP Humic and NRP Fulvic ever developed for human consumption and are subjected to comprehensive analysis and testing, so we know, and can assure you, that our products are the best in the industry.

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